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As we age, the elastin in our skin diminishes which, alongside a number of other factors, leads to looser, sagging skin across the body. This affects people across the spectrum, and while it is common, it can cause discomfort and embarrassment.

If you’re battling with unwanted sagging skin, then fibroblasting is definitely the treatment for you. Fibroblasting is the latest non-invasive skin tightening treatment that originated in Europe. I’m excited to now offer this innovative treatment to my clients in Washington State!

How does plasma fibroblast skin tightening work?

If you’re looking for the skin tightening effects of surgery without having to go under the knife, then fibroblast skin tightening is the ideal solution. This treatment is also extremely effective in removing skin tags and moles. It uses a pen-like device that discharges a high-frequency electric current to small areas of the skin. This inflicts micro-injuries on the epidermal layer of the skin and, when combined with the thermal conduction disruption of the skin’s deeper layers, results in almost instant tightening and lifting.

What causes skin sagging?

The skin, once plump and taut in our youth, is impacted over time by a number of factors that may result in sagging skin. Here are some of the reasons:

  • The loss of our elastin – the elastic tissue of the skin – causes the skin to have a slacker appearance over time.
  • The loss of fat below the skin, especially in the cheeks, temples, chin, nose, and eye area, leads to skin loosening and often a more skeletal appearance.
  • It’s not just age that leads to skin sagging, there are secondary factors at play as well, one of which is gravity. The loss of elastin and fat might be less evident if gravity didn’t insist on pulling the skin downwards, creating that loose appearance.
  • Your facial movement also has an impact on the skin, with movement lines more visible as your skin starts to lose its elasticity. This leads to lines on the forehead, near the nose, temples, upper cheeks and around the mouth.
  • Smoking is also a culprit in premature aging, and one area this is immediately evident is the skin. Smokers tend to have a dryer complexion that leads to more sagging and wrinkles earlier on.
  • Sleep can also result in unwanted lines and a loss of skin elasticity, particularly for those who sleep on the face. This results in sleep creases on the forehead near the eyebrows and hairline, as well as in the middle of the cheeks.

What are the areas of the body that can be treated?

The above-mentioned contributors to excess wrinkles and unwanted skin sagging are either a fact of aging, or a lifestyle habit that might be difficult to adjust at this stage of life. That’s why fibroblast skin tightening is such an effective treatment – it will target these unsightly wrinkles and tighten the skin in minimal time with no hassle! Here’s a look at some of the areas my clients choose to treat – with visible results:

The upper and lower eyelids where sagging can result in heavy bags under the eyes

Crow’s feet around the eyes

The forehead and associated frown lines

Lines around the mouth

The fine lines and wrinkles around the neck and chest

Skin tightening of the neck

Smokers’ lines around the face and neck

If any of these – or more – are problem areas for you, contact me to find out more about how plasma fibroblast skin tightening can boost your self-esteem!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does fibroblast skin tightening last?

The fibroblast skin tightening typically lasts around 3 years, after which you can undergo touch-up sessions to extend the effects thereafter.

What is the difference between plasma fibroblast skin tightening and botox?

The plasma fibroblast skin tightening uses a fibroblast pen to discharge high-frequency electric currents into the skin. This creates micro-injuries that are combined with thermal conduction to tighten the skin. Botox is a substance that freezes facial muscles, and where Botox lasts a few months, plasma fibroblast lasts up to 3 years.

Will plasma fibroblast skin tightening work on my excess skin after pregnancy?

Yes. Plasma fibroblast skin tightening is a non-invasive treatment that will effectively tighten the loose stomach skin gained after pregnancy.

Is plasma fibroblast skin tightening good for wrinkles?

Yes. Plasma fibroblast transmits energy into the skin tissues to stimulate new skin growth, thereby reducing the appearance of wrinkles on the face or body.

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