Scar Lightening

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It’s difficult for anyone to go through life without gaining a few scars, and while some scars add a bit of character, there are those that are painful reminders or create unnecessary self-consciousness. That’s why I’m excited to offer an FDA-approved scar lightening treatment to my clients in Washington State.

How do scars form?

Scars are just a natural part of the body’s healing process when the skin is wounded and the tissue breaks. This results in a release of the protein, collagen, to strengthen the wound and assist in healing. The collagen continues forming over several months with the blood supply increasing, which is why the scar is raised. The collagen may break down over time, but after two years, the scar is unlikely to fade any further.

What are the type of scars?

Everyone scars differently depending on genetics, age and a variety of other factors. The size and depth of the injury, as well as the location and type of injury, can all have an effect on the appearance of the scar after the wound heals. There are also different types of scars depending on the injury. Here are the four most common scar types:

Burn Scar

Contracture Scars

When your skin is burned, a contracture scar develops to tighten the skin. Depending on the depth, contracture scars can affect muscles and nerves.

Keloid Scar

Keloid Scars

Certain people are prone to keloid scars which is a result of overly aggressive scar healing that can extend beyond the original injury. These scars are more common in people with darker skin.

Acne scars

If you’ve had severe acne in your life then you could have acne scars as a result of this. They range from deep pits to more angular scars.

Hypertrophic scars

Although similar to keloid scars in that they’re raised and red, hypertrophic scars don’t extend beyond the boundary of the injury.

Do scars go away on their own?

Scars can definitely fade over time but they don’t completely disappear on their own. It’s important to wait at least a year before any treatment is administered, to give the scars enough time to properly heal. If the scar is in a location that causes you discomfort, then it’s worth looking at treatment. While there are surgical options available, scar lightening treatment is fast becoming a popular choice.

How does the scar lightening treatment work?

This treatment is a fantastic solution for anyone looking to fade out hyperpigmented scars from either an injury or post-surgery. It’s a completely non-surgical treatment whereby I use a mixture of organic serums, vitamins and minerals to help naturally lighten dark scars.

The procedure works with any skin type, including very light or very dark skin tones, but the scars must be at least a year old. You might need 1 to 6 sessions to achieve the desired result, depending on the scar.

This is a really simple procedure that fits into today’s busy lifestyles! Patients who undergo the procedure can generally resume their normal activities immediately following the session.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long after Scar Lightening treatment will I see noticeable results?

Initially the area will appear somewhat inflamed but the body will heal quickly and the results will start to become evident 45 to 60 days after the treatment. I will provide you with the necessary after-care guidance to ensure a quick recovery and fantastic final appearance.

How many sessions of Scar Lightening treatment will I need?

The number of treatments will depend largely on the individual scar, but most clients require between 1 and 6 sessions before achieving the desired result. You will, however, start to notice an improvement after the first session.

Will Scar Lightening treatment be effective on dark scars?

Yes. The procedure works with any skin type, including very light or very dark skin tones. However, your scar will need to be at least a year old before treatment begins.

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