$650 | 1-2 hours (consultation required)

6 – 12 weeks: $200 (required touch up)

12 weeks – 1 year: $450

1 – 2+ years : $650

$750 | 1-2 hours (consultation required)

6 – 12 weeks: $200 (required touch up)

12 weeks – 1 year: $450

1 – 2+ years : $750

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As we age, there are many different ways that our bodies take strain, one of which is a loss of collagen. While this is often noted in the skin which can wrinkle and sag, our lips also feel the impact of this collagen depletion. They start to lose their plumpness and definition which means more time and money spent on lipsticks, lip liner and lip glosses in an attempt to regain that youthful essence.

If this is a problem you face – or you’re simply looking to bring more of a color pop to your lips – then you might want to consider the lip blush or lip neutralization treatment that I offer my clients. This is a cosmetic, semi-permanent tattoo that enhances the color and shape of your lips, creating more definition and a sense of fullness. For those of you with melanin-rich, darker lips, the neutralization treatment results in a pinker lip color.

How do Lip Blush and Lip Neutralization differ?

These are both effectively a form of cosmetic tattooing of the lips that aims to improve your natural lip color, fullness, definition and even the shape.

Lip Blush

Although you might not want to throw out your lipsticks altogether, lip blush gives you a wonderful pop of natural color so that you never appear washed out, no matter the time of day. Most clients tend to go with a more natural pink tone for lip blush, but some do prefer a reddish tone which further decreases the need for lipstick touch ups.

Learn more about choosing the right lip bush color for your skin tone.

Lip Blush
Lip Neutralization

Lip Neutralization

If you have a darker natural lip color, then you might want to try the dark lip neutralization technique. Through this, I’m able to lighten the existing color and create a more even tone across the lips. The lip neutralization can take between one and three sessions, depending on your lip color.

What to expect from the procedure?

Before we start with any lip tattooing, I will have a full consultation with you to determine what the best treatment option would be, as well as your desired lip shade and shape. I often suggest bringing in your preferred lipstick to get a clear idea of the ideal shade. This is a very personal choice, so I make sure we get it right!

When you come in for the procedure, I will apply a numbing agent to minimize any discomfort. We will then confirm the shade and shape of the lips before I insert the natural pigment into your lips. The entire procedure typically takes between one and three hours.

As with any tattoo procedure, your lips will take a few weeks to fully heal and, initially, the color may appear darker than you initially anticipated. Don’t worry, as this will eventually settle into your desired color.

Lip blush and lip neutralization are a form of semi-permanent makeup that will fade over the years. Activities such as sun exposure, lip exfoliation, and smoking can exacerbate the speed with which the color fades. This means you might want to consider a touch-up procedure at a later stage.

Find out more about this exquisite lip treatment today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between lip blush and lip neutralization?

Both lip blush and lip neutralization are forms of cosmetic tattooing that enhance your natural lip color, definition, fullness, and shape as you prefer. Lip blush adds a pop of natural color so your lips never appear to be washed out. If you have a darker lip tone and would like to either lighten the tone or create an even tone, then lip neutralization is for you.

How long does lip blush and lip neutralization last?

Lip blush and lip neutralization are a form of semi-permanent makeup which means that they will last around 2 to 3 years before fading. Your lifestyle will largely determine how long the procedure will last, with sunlight, lip exfoliation and smoking accelerating the fade. You can come for touch-up sessions to extend the lifespan of the procedure.

What is the healing process for lip blush and lip neutralization?

The initial healing stage takes about 1 to 2 weeks but between 6 to 8 weeks after the process, your lips should be fully healed and the color will have settled.

How often will I need to have my lips redone, after lip blush and lip neutralization?

As a semi-permanent cosmetic procedure, lip blush and lip neutralization will last a few years before touch-ups are needed, and these will have to be done every 2 to 3 years.

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