$650 | 1 – 2.5 hours (consultation required)

6 – 12 weeks: $200 (required touch up)

12 weeks – 1 year: $450

1 – 2+ years : $650

Nano Brows

$750 | 1 – 2.5 hours (consultation required)

6 – 12 weeks: $200 (required touch up)

12 weeks – 1 year: $450

1 – 2+ years : $750

Please submit the following info to (425) 864-5187 before booking:

  • Full Name
  • At least 2 photos of the treatment area

*Photo submissions must be free of any filters, taken in good lighting, and clear in quality.

*Washington State Law requires sales tax be collected on all permanent make up services.

*There is an additional 4% fee when using a credit/debit card.

Eyebrows might appear to be seemingly innocuous additions of hair on the face, but they can really make or break a look! For some of my clients, years of over-tweezing to get the once-popular pencil-thin eyebrow look has resulted in a loss of eyebrow density. Others might suffer from alopecia or other hair loss conditions that can result in a complete loss of eyebrows. But for many, it’s a case of getting the desired look without the constant need for personal grooming.

There are many semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo procedures on the market, but I always insist on the absolute best for my clients. And that’s nano or ombré brows. Both of these are semi-permanent procedures that use a single-needle digital machine to create hyper-realistic hair strokes, or a powdery, every day, soft makeup look. The process lasts longer – and is less invasive – than traditional microblading.

What is the difference between Nano and Ombré brows?

Nano Brows

For this look, I use the single nano needle to mimic the look of natural eyebrow hairs. This is often the first-choice for clients with combination or oily skin who are looking to create that realistic, hair-like appearance. Likewise, clients suffering from thinning hair or more drastic hair loss really benefit from the natural finish of these additional ‘hairs’ on the brow. Nano brows can last anywhere from 1 to 3 years, after which touch-up sessions might be required to complete the look.

Nano Brows

Ombré Brows

These are also known as ‘powder brows’ because the machine creates a soft dusting of semi-permanent makeup pigment to the brow area, which results in more density to the existing eyebrows. Unlike the individual hair strokes that I achieve with nano brows, the ombré technique deposits hundreds of pigmentation dots into the skin creating a more filled-in look.

I can even add a bit of pigment shading if desired. The great thing about the ombré brows is that it can be used on all skin types and creates the least amount of trauma to your skin. These particular brows often last around 2 to 5 years as there is more pigment saturation into the skin, but thereafter, I’m happy to assist with touch-up sessions.

What’s your preference?

While both Nano and Ombré brows require a similar procedure, it’s clear from the descriptions above that there is quite a significant difference in the end result that’s achieved. I’m on hand to help you decide which would work best with your particular skin type and to get your ultimate eyebrow look!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Nano Brows better than microblading?

Yes. While both are effective eyebrow treatments, Nano uses a smaller needle than microblading which improves the precision and accuracy of the procedure. This allows for a much more natural final appearance.

How long does Ombré Brows last for?

The Ombré Brows treatment has more pigment saturation than the Nano Brows which means the treatment will last you between 2 and 4 years. The longevity depends on factors such as sun exposure, exfoliation techniques, and more, but you can have a touch-up session if it starts to fade.

Are Ombré Brows a form of semi-permanent tattoo?

While Ombré Brows are a form of semi-permanent tattooing, they are a much more modern method that focuses on the surface – or epidermis – of the skin, resulting in a softer powder effect.

How do I care for my Nano Brows after treatment?

The first few weeks will require some care, with sweating and hot water avoided around the area for the seven days. You will need to keep your eyebrows as dry as possible, wiping daily with a damp cloth and applying a special moisturizing cream to the area.

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