Permanent makeup continues to dominate global beauty trends as it creates a natural aesthetic without the hassle of having to apply makeup daily. One of the most popular types of permanent makeup is the lip blush tattoo, an innovative technology that gives your lips some incredible yet subtle definition. But how do you choose the right color for your lip blush tattoo? We’re here to help!

What is Lip Blush Tattoo? 

A specialist will deposit ink into your lips and along the lip line to provide a pop of natural color that means you won’t look washed out and dull. It’s a semi-permanent makeup option that doesn’t replace the need for lipstick, but rather creates a permanent yet subtle base so your lips always look good.

What to Consider When Choosing the Lip Blush Color?

If you’ve made the decision to go with a lip blush tattoo – good choice! Now you just need to decide what color will go best, considering it will last you a few years. Here’s what you need to take into consideration:

The color will fade

A reputable technician will use an organic, skin-safe pigmentation that – unlike traditional tattoo ink – will fade over time. With this in mind, you might want to go a couple of shades darker than your natural color, to avoid having touch-ups done too soon. However, if you want to be cautious and go lighter, just remember that you can always have a touch-up done at a later stage.

You can consider shading 

You don’t necessarily have to choose just one color; you can consider using a darker shade of lip liner which is faded inwards to give your lips a natural yet attractive appearance. A good technician will be able to blend the colors perfectly, so you get the desired result.

You can still apply lipstick

The lip blush tattoo is not a lipstick replacement. If you have an outing and wish to have more color on your lips, you can still apply darker lipstick for evening events, or a lighter shade for daytime – something you might want to factor in when choosing a color.

Your skin tone is important

Your natural skin tone is the final determinant of the color, as this will have the biggest impact on how it comes out. You can work with your aesthetician to identify your skin tone, as this must complement the shade. Some examples of what works well include:

  • Very pale skin:  Peach or nude tones but avoid dark reds and browns. 
  • Pink undertones:  Peach will also go well with this tone, as well as orange-based or brick-based reds. Avoid blue-based reds. 
  • Yellow undertones:  For this skin tone, blue-based reds to work, as well as bronzes. Don’t go with a purple tone as it enhances the yellow. 
  • Olive skin:  This complements warm, natural colors such as amber and sunset reds, but purple will also highlight the yellow undertone. 
  • Dark skin:  Avoid chalky colors with too much white but you have quite a range beyond this. Coral shades, oranges and dark reds are all options.

You can try out a few shades of lipsticks and find what works best for you. Narrow down your options and then get expert input from your lip blush tattoo technician for the best result.

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