Wrinkles are a well-known indicator of aging skin, but another common challenge as you grow old is sagging skin, particularly around the neck. There are many ways this can be treated, such as Fibroblast Skin Tightening, but let’s first look at why skin sags before looking at how to tackle this problem in the long term. 

Aging Skin

As the years go by, your skin starts to lose two of its most important proteins; elastin and collagen. Elastin is the protein which – you guessed it! – gives your skin the elasticity it needs to return to its original shape. When you’re young, your skin just bounces back. Pull the skin of an older person, and it’s not going anywhere! Collagen, which is produced by fibroblasts, helps the skin maintain its structure. Together, elastin and collagen give your skin that plump, youthful glow!

What Else Causes Skin Sagging?

Unfortunately, aging causes these proteins to deteriorate. But aging isn’t the only cause. Here’s a look at some of the other contributing factors that can lead to looser skin. 

  • UV Rays: UV exposure can cause the deterioration of elastin and collagen over time, so avoid too much sun and wear sunscreen!
  • Pollutants: Environmental pollutants, including cigarette smoke, impact skin elasticity. 
  • Diet: If you’re not getting a nutrient-rich diet, are drinking alcohol to excess, and generally aren’t looking after yourself, then your skin suffers. 
  • Weight Loss: Losing weight is good if you’re overweight, but that excess weight could have damaged your collagen and elastin fibres. This means losing weight could leave you with saggy skin, especially if it’s rapid weight loss. 
  • Pregnancy: The sudden weight gain and loss of pregnancy, particularly with multiples, can result in sagging skin around the abdomen. 
  • Illness: There are certain medical conditions that can also result in saggy skin, including the rare subtype of cutaneous T-cell lymphoma, known as granulomatous slack skin. Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS) causes a defect in collagen production, causing saggy skin around the face. 

What Are The Treatments For Loose Skin?

Sagging skin might be inevitable with age, but there are ways you can treat it to reduce the appearance of loose skin. Here are some options to consider. 


There are facial exercises that you can do to reduce the severity of facial jowls – the loose skin around the neck. These exercises will make the facial, jaw, and neck muscles stronger, improving the ability to retain shape. Practicing such facial exercises can also help prevent the onset and severity of jowls over time. The exercises should be done 8 to 12 times a day for 5 to 20 seconds. Examples include:

  • Opening your mouth wide and closing slowly without letting the teeth touch. 
  • Lying down and then drawing the sides of the mouth downwards with your fingers. 
  • Chewing with your head tilted slightly up. 
  • Grinning widely while tilting your head up and down. 
  • Humming with your tongue pressed against the roof of your mouth.

Fibroblast Skin Tightening (FST) 

    The most effective medical treatment for loose skin currently is Fibroblast Skin Tightening also known as Plasma Fibroblast Therapy or Plasma Lift. We mentioned earlier that fibroblasts are responsible for making collagen – that vital protein needed for taut skin. In addition to improving firmness, fibroblasts are also important for healing wounds – an important point to note for Fibroblast Skin Tightening. 

    How does Fibroblast Skin Tightening work?

    Using a pen-like device, known as a Plasma Pen, this discharges a high-frequency electric current to your skin. This happens without actually touching the skin, and doesn’t go beyond the dermal layer. This then creates micro-injuries which stimulate the fibroblasts’ wound-healing response. In doing so, your body is producing more collagen and elastin naturally, which diminishes the skin looseness without the need for invasive surgery.

    Initially, the treated area may appear quite swollen and raw but you will notice continued improvement in your skin for the next 3 to 4 weeks. Each session takes around one hour, but you will likely need a consultation before the treatment so that the aesthetician can assess your skin and the treatment areas. You will likely need a follow-up appointment either 1 to 2 months after the initial treatment, and if you need another treatment, it is often done at the follow-up appointment. Follow-up appointments are usually organized one week and 2 months after the procedure. If a second treatment is required, it can be done at the follow-up appointment. 

    Which areas can be treated with Fibroblast Skin Tightening?

    The fortunate thing is that Fibroblast Skin Tightening can be used to treat a variety of problem areas where skin sagging is a challenge. These include:

    • The upper and lower eyelids where sagging can result in heavy bags under the eyes
    • Crow’s feet around the eyes
    • The forehead and associated frown lines
    • Lines around the mouth
    • The fine lines and wrinkles around the neck and chest
    • Skin tightening of the neck
    • Smokers’ lines around the face and neck
    • Upper lip
    • Nasolabial folds
    • Marionette lines

    What are the benefits of Fibroblast Skin Tightening?

    This particular treatment is one of the most popular for skin tightening because it’s non-invasive and encourages the natural production of collagen and elastin, and the results are evident. Here’s a look at some of the other ways Fibroblast Skin Tightening improves the skin. 

    • Better skin texture and tone
    • Minimizes fine lines and wrinkles
    • Addresses crow’s feet 
    • It can decrease the appearance of acne scars, stretch marks, and hyperpigmentation
    • Leaves skin a younger-looking and radiant visage
    • The treatment is long-lasting, typically up to three years, and you only require touch-ups thereafter

    If you’re considering getting Fibroblast Skin Tightening done, then BeautyInk By LeAnne is a top, Washington-based aesthetician who can ensure effective results, drawing on years of experience. 

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